Do you think people change over time?

Monday, January 9, 2012


OK today i wanna talk about habat ( trends ) that happen in kuwait well as a community anything new or anything can turn into a trend its so easy and fast contagious :P

It has its advantages and disadvantages.. nobody is unique anymore nobody thinks and stand out anymore unless the color or design but the idea is the same ;/ too much for pioneers ...apparently we are a " follower " society.

if your reading this..and live in kuwait ... then the trend im about to talk about is last year but still i love it ! im into gadgets and electronics and stuff and recently i found a big interest in me and its on  professional cameras.

i admit Photography needs a creative mind and a good eye and those who have it are talented but in kuwait now anyone has a professional camera and not everyone is talented ;p

i dont want to talk much about trends because whats in my mind really is this new release from Nikon called Nikon D4 amazing professional camera and this is the link to it